Every day (mostly), like a sparkling word machine, we send a carefully chosen (and meticulously sourced) excerpt from fiction or letter, a short poem, provocative quotation, flash fiction, prose poem, interesting list, etc. by the best authors on the planet. A kind of commonplace book, one day at time, direct to your inbox.

50 Authors Recently Featured in Notabilia

William Styron, Doris Lessing, Sherwood Smith, Seneca, Adrienne Rich, Jonathan Safran Foer, A. R. Ammons, V. S. Naipaul, Dorothy Parker, Alexander Hamilton, William Corbett, Vincent van Gogh, Franz Kafka, Tom Clark, Maryanne Wolf, Mary Beard, Ursula K. Le Guin, Nancy Kress, Christie Watson, Gregory Orr, Barbara Kingsolver, Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac, Gideon Wurdz / Wallace Goldsmith, Lucia Berlin, Stephen Fry, Stephen Fry, Kurt Vonnegut, Elif Batuman, Hanshan, Susan Sontag, Fernando Pessoa, Eduardo Galeano, Tom Stoppard, Cyril Connolly, Eugene Lim, David Foster Wallace, Graham Greene, V. S. Pritchett, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Samantha King, Richard Kehl, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ross MacDonald, Mario Vargas Llosa, Annie Dillard, Benjamin Hoff, Don DeLillo, David Shumate, Michael Schur & Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan, Will Self…

By the Numbers

What Do Readers Say About the Selections?

“Nailed it!”
“Wow. This. By a writer I do not know!”
“So love this one.”
“That’s a fantastic second paragraph. ¶ I mean, the first is great too.”
“Thank you for including a letter from Keats. His collected letters are a remarkably intelligent and moving literary accomplishment”
“what a delightful, and delightfully worded, idea/concept! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.”
“Holy sh*t. Is that what the book is like? ¶ I’ve read some of his later stuff, which I enjoyed, but nothing so intense as this.”
“Brilliant! Love the imagery, especially the last paragraph, the last sentence.”
“beautiful wording, just beautiful. Love it, I had to keep rereading. Every word so carefully chosen. delivered in such a pragmatic way, until the very last line, which turns it all around.”
“What a last stanza!”
“An entire self help book in just one poem!”
“Love that one line(r)”
“I don’t think I can read this without tearing up.”