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What Do Readers Say?

  • “Nailed it!”
  • “Wow. This. By a writer I do not know!”
  • “So love this one.”
  • “That’s a fantastic second paragraph. ¶ I mean, the first is great too.”
  • “Thank you for including a letter from Keats. His collected letters are a remarkably intelligent and moving literary accomplishment”
  • “…what a delightful, and delightfully worded, idea/concept! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.”
  • “Holy sh*t. Is that what the book is like? ¶ I’ve read some of his later stuff, which I enjoyed, but nothing so intense as this.”
  • “Brilliant! Love the imagery, especially the last paragraph, the last sentence.”
  • “…beautiful wording, just beautiful. Love it, I had to keep rereading. Every word so carefully chosen. delivered in such a pragmatic way, until the very last line, which turns it all around.”
  • “What a last stanza!”
  • “An entire self help book in just one poem!”
  • “Love that one line(r)”
  • “I don’t think I can read this without tearing up.”