Chigozi Obioma - from An Orchestra of Minorities

…hatred is a vandalism of the human heart
…the magnanimous fathers often say that if one keeps a record of all the wrongs done to him by his kinsmen, he will have none left. This is because they know that you did not create the human heart to be capable of accommodating hatred. To harbour hatred in the heart is to keep an unfed tiger in a house filled with children and the feeble, for it cannot afford communion with a human being, nor can it be tamed. No sooner has it rested enough and woken up in need of food again than it falls upon the man who has nurtured it and devours him. Indeed, hatred is a vandalism of the human heart.

—Chigozi Obioma
—found in An Orchestra of Minorities (2019)
—Newsletter #677 - sent January 24, 2020

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